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Become an AAUW of MI Student Advisory Council member.  

2017-18 Applications now opened



N'Kenge Gonzalez

The creation of  female oriented programs and support groups that cater from pre-adolescence through adulthood, empower women to make seamless transformative moves ...Read more


AAUW MI Student Advisory Council Member

Sarah Osen

I am most passionate about gender inequality. This is a time of action and opportunity. Unfortunately, research shows that in comparison to men, women are less likely to help each other up on the career ladder... Read more

AAUW MI Student Advisory Council member

McKenzie Campbell

Leadership doesn’t always come with a title, it’s also about the example that you set for others.... Read more

Emily Cultip

Leadership has always been something that excites me.  I enjoy working toward goals with others and accomplishing feats alongside a team.  Much of my professional experience has been rooted in leadership. Read more

2016-17 SAC member

Jasmin M. Cotter

I believe being a part of the AAUWMI SAC team would be a huge benefit to me, as well as bringing an asset to the team. Being a part of this organization would mean a chance for me to gain leadership experience ...Read more

2016-17 SAC member

Blake E. Kuzma

I always have been very passionate about the struggles that women face and my main way of dealing with those issues is writing. Joining the AAUWMI would give me the chance to finally reach a larger audience on issues...Read more

maribel blas rangel

Maribel Blas-Rangel

The first time I heard of the AAUW was during the winter of my freshmen year. I had a meeting with three wonderful and inspiring members of the AAUW, discussing the NCCWSL Conference...Read more

AAUW MI Student Advisory Council Member

KeyVonna Taylor

Leadership is crucial in shaping an environment. In a college setting it is important to have individuals who can contribute to making a positive impact and be a voice for those around them. ...  Read more

Student Advisory Council Member

Alexandra M. Zacks

I am a Global and International Studies student at Western Michigan University in my third year. Growing up, I have always seen inequities between men and women...  Read more