Amanda Phillips, Public Policy Director

Welcome AAUW of Michigan Members

I am the new Public Policy Chair for the State of Michigan.  I was appointed a year ago and have I ever learned a lot about AAUW their commitment to the issues that are important to all of us!

Throughout this first year, I have met with many coalition partners. With each new encounter I have realized what a powerful advocacy AAUW is. It is the largest and most effective women's group in the country. Their influence is nationwide. A year later I am sovery proud to be a part of AAUW's publiuc policy advocacy coalition. It is so good to know there is a group who is looking out and after us!

Public Policy advocates for the AAUW priorities to policy makers, AAUW members, the public and the media, while encouraging AAUW members to take action themselves.  At the same time encouraging voter education and appear at campaigns in the state.  Some of the duties that this position involves are:

  • Working with the State Board of Directors to integrate and voter education. This involves AAUW strategic plans and state priorities including membership, diversity, programming, leadership and visibility.
  • Recruit AAUW members in the state to be branch chairs
  • Recruit members for the Public Policy team
  • Take action at rallies, lobby days, in-district meetings, house meetings, letters to the editor on public policy priorities
  • Communicate with the BPPC's and support their efforts in planning advocacy actions
  • Contribute to the state newsletter to keep members updated
  • Participate in monthly SPPC conference calls hosted by national AAUW staff
  • Fill out the event form before and after you take action on an issue
  • Oversee review of Statenet Reports

This fall Public Policy has new tasks to work on. I hope to begin dividing up responsibilities for the many tasks that come under the PP umbrella with our State Policy Team. As well as establishing a Lobby Corps to become more active and present in Lansing. I hope to get more Branch members involved in Lansing on a regular basis and keep our presence in front of the legislators. There has been legislation that affects women's health and reproductive rights that we need to be very vigilant about.

One of the issues we will be working on will be TITLE IX  and campus safety. We are planning on having direct contract with TITLE IX co-coordinators at local schools and universities. The funds schools receive from TITLE IX monies requires that schools keep students safe and administer equal justice under the law.

Getting out the Vote will be a big priority throughout this coming year, as a Presidential election will be in 2016. We will need AAUW members to help get out the vote and make sure women and men are registered to vote.

Please feel free to contact me at I would love to hear from anyone that would like to work on these very important issues.  Amanda Phillips