Model Bylaws Update

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BYLAWS – Susan Hampton, Director


Thank you to these 29 (of 33) Affiliates that have submitted their bylaws to the state and AAUW for filing as of my records on 02/23/17: Albion, Inc. (501 c4); Ann Arbor, Inc. (501 c3); Battle Creek; Bay City; Big Rapids (501 c3); Birmingham; Cass City; Dearborn; Detroit; Escanaba Area; Farmington; Gaylord Area; Grand Rapids; Grosse Pointe; Holland; Iron Mountain-Kingsford; Jackson; Livonia; Ludington Area; Marshall; Midland, Inc.; Monroe; Northville-Novi, Inc.; Plymouth-Canton; Port Huron; Rochester; Saginaw; South Haven (501 c4);Traverse City Area.


The submission deadline was January 31, 2017. I am doing follow-up calls and emails with 4 Affiliates that have requested deadline extensions and are still working on their bylaws. For those of you still working to complete your bylaws, please do the following:

1) Download Affiliate Model Bylaws and How to Use the New Model Bylaws from (Note: DO NOT USE any previous model bylaws. There is only one model to be used by all Affiliates of AAUW.)

2) The first 7 articles (I-VII) are mandatory, need no Affiliate vote, and must be typed as written. You just insert your official Affiliate name.

3) All “Affiliate-specific” bylaws start with Article VIII. These articles require vote and adoption by the Affiliate membership. You will “cut and paste” sections of your previous bylaws that have been approved by your membership into appropriate sections.

4) Affiliates must also comply with AAUWMI bylaws. These may be found at

5) Email your bylaws to me for review and filing before sending to AAUW. The state needs a copy. Use this address:

6) When approved, email your bylaws to:

7) Call me (906-399-5259 (cell) or 906-428-1254 (home) if you have questions. You may also email Elizabeth Haynes, AAUW Governance Chair, at . We will try to assist in any way.

8) Email Sandy Camillo, AAUW Compliance Officer, with a copy to me, if you need a longer extension and your reason:

9) Sandy Camillo, AAUW Compliance Officer, has requested all 501 c3 Affiliates also send their determination letter from the IRS to AAUW along with their 501 c3 affiliate agreement. Please copy me with this information as well. I will file these with your bylaws. No mention was made about Affiliates with a 501 c4 status.


Submitting your approved Affiliate bylaws as soon as possible is important because we must keep the integrity of AAUW intact by complying with the IRS tax codes and Washington DC codes for AAUW to keep functioning as an organization and voice for women’s issues.

Thank you for your diligent work on your bylaws and advancing equity for women and girls!


Susan Hampton, AAUWMI Bylaws & Policies Director

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