AAUW MI Lobby Corps advances equity for women and girls

through member activism and voter mobilization. 


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Whether fighting for gender equity in education, championing women's health and reproductive rights, or supporting measures to improve economic security, the AAUW of Michigan Action Lobby Corps Lansing State Capital is on the scene.

Volunteer members and college university students give AAUW of Michigan a voice and a face at the State Capital. Formed in 2015, AAUW MI Action Lobby Corps has made several visits to state legislators' offices, making AAUW a familiar and respected name among members of the legislature and their staffs. Because this corps is working hand in hand with the Government Relations Coordinator and AAUWMI Public Policy Director, AAUW of  Michigan has had a significant political impact on legislation concerning issues such as

  • education,
  • civil rights,
  • reproductive rights, and
  • economic security.

Online Action

You can take action online via the TAKE ACTION virtual lobby webpage. Current issues are featured in the slider with take action links that allows you to contact your state legislator or Congress person.

Eligibility and Training
MI AAUW Action Lobby Corps members and college/university students who study in Michigan are welcome to join MI AAUW Action Lobby Corps. No experience or expertise is necessary — only a commitment to promoting the policy priorities. Volunteers receive comprehensive training as well as briefings on key issues that are likely to come before the state legislature and Congress.