College/University Partner Membership [brochure]

AAUWMI C/U Partners
AAUW of Michigan is proud to have 31 College University Partner members. Students and faculty at these schools have access to a number of AAUW benefits including being part of global community that is passionately committed to building a better future for women and girls — sign up your school as an AAUW college/university partner member. Whether your school is a community college, a large state university, or a small liberal arts college, your staff, faculty, and students will benefit from AAUW membership.

As the leading voice in promoting equity and education for women and girls since 1881, AAUW has deep roots in the academic community. C/U partner memberships open doors to grants and fellowships, leadership training, professional development, educational resources, and advocacy tools. Demonstrate your school’s commitment to equity in higher education and join us today!

How can AAUW benefit your staff?

Staff can build their leadership skills by serving in a local or national role with AAUW, bringing an Elect Her: Campus Women Win training to your campus, or taking advantage of a large suite of professional development resources. Learn more »

How can AAUW benefit your faculty?

Faculty members can build their CVs by serving on selection committees for AAUW fellowships and grants or by applying for funding themselves. Learn more »

How can AAUW benefit your students?

Students (who can join AAUW for free as undergraduates if your school is a member) can hone important life and career skills with AAUW leadership programs and other resources. It’s a competitive job market out there, and your students deserve to be well-equipped. Learn more »