Mary Pollock, Government Relations Coordinator Report, January 2016

By the close of the 2015 legislative session, 5,205 House bills and 658 Senate bills were introduced plus several dozen constitutional amendments and many other resolutions. I am following over 300 bills or resolutions related to AAUW’s 2015 – 2017 … Read More

Equal Pay Presentation Held in Albion

“The pay gap is real,” noted Susan Conner, retired provost and professor of history at Albion College, as she introduced “I’m worth it: the simple truth about the gender pay gap and what we can do about it.” She was … Read More

Here’s why $7 billion didn’t help America’s worst schools – POLITICO

2009, the Obama administration saw a chance to tackle a problem that had bedeviled educators for decades.
“Our goal is to turn around the 5,000 lowest-performing schools over the next five years, as part of our overall strategy for dramatically reducing the dropout rate, improving high school graduation rates and increasing the number of students who graduate prepared for success in college and the workplace,” said Arne Duncan, the administration’s new secretary of education in August of that year.

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