The ever-increasing student debt burden, rising cost of higher education, and ongoing need for education funding is an alarming reality of our times. We know that women earn less than men, even one-year out of college, and thus may have more difficulty than men in paying off their student debt. AAUW’s educational funding for women remains an important element to closing the funding gap for women in higher education.

AAUW branches and states provide funding for local scholarship programs across the U.S. for qualified women students seeking educational funding. Participating branches and states determine their scholarship amounts and eligibility criteria, and applicants apply directly to the opportunities for which they are qualified.


Ann Arbor Branch: Ann Arbor, MI

Scholarship type
: Undergraduate degree. 

All local AAUW scholarships are awarded through the institution involved.  For more information please contact the appropriate school. 
University of Michigan:  CEW Scholarship

University of Michigan:  Mary Markley Scholarships

University of Michigan:  Mary Elizabeth Bittman Memorial Scholarship

Washtenaw Community College:  Margaret Weddell Brandon Scholarship

Eastern Michigan University:  AAUW–Ann Arbor Branch Endowed Scholarship

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Jackson Branch: Jackson, MI

Scholarship type
: First Undergraduate degree

Amount per award ($): $2,500 (two awards for 2016-17 school year. Each award is worth $2,500)
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AAUW Midland Branch: Midland, MI

Midland Area Community Foundation
Scholarship type: Undergraduate and Graduate
Amount per award ($): $2,000.00
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Iron Mountain/Kingsford: Kingsford, MI

Scholarship type
: Undergraduate (4)

Amount per award ($): $500/per student
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