Diversity & Inclusion

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What is Happening for Membership VP’s, and Diversity Officers! Diversity Officers: Recently, you received an email message from me. However, some of the emails “bounced” back so apparently, I had the wrong addresses. If you didn’t receive my message, please … Read More

News & Events

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Engage in the dialogue!  Stay informed with up-to-date news & views on issues and events that impact women, girls and the community in which they live. Engage in the dialogue. Post articles, comments, images, and informative content about critical issues … Read More

Domestic Violence & VAWA

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Domestic Violence & VAWA 1 in 3 Michigan women experience domestic violence 40% of Michigan women, ages 16 and older, have been sexually assaulted. Learn more…read Fact Sheet  

AAUWMI Public Policy Program 2013-2015

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Michigan Human TraffickingOn Tuesday January 27th Vista Maria (home for vulnerable children that provides care, support and treatment in Dearborn Heights) hosted a community awareness event: TURN FACTS TO BLUE: STOP HUMAN TRAFFICKING. The conference discussed the difficult subject of … Read More


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Nancy Kaffe, Detroit Free Press: When did Michigan stop caring about its schools? Let’s talk about property values, what kinds of communities tend to attract and keep families with children, and Michigan’s broken school funding system. Or let’s not, because it … Read More

Equal Pay

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Motherhood, Race Factor into Lesser Salary for Some Women The salary that Brittany makes as a program manager doesn’t pay enough to support her and her 4-year-old daughter. But according to Brittany’s research, it should. And after hearing comments from … Read More

Let’s Talk Membership!

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What is Happening for Membership VP’s, and Diversity Officers!Membership: Those of us, who are involved in recruiting and retaining members for our branch, know what a challenge this can be. It is difficult to discover strategies that will work and … Read More