The American Association of University Women of Michigan Student Advisory Council - 




AAUWMI SAC is a state coalition of student leaders that advises AAUWMI on strategies for the future of young women and girls.  Members will serve a one year term beginning July 1, 2017 and ending June 30, 2018.  SAC members write for the AAUWMI newsletter and blog, make program recommendations, develop student workshops and introduce speakers at the AAUWMI Fall Leadership Conference as well the Annual Meeting and work with state officers to increase the value of student affiliation.  Students are to participate in monthly electronic meetings and attend our Fall Leadership Conference on TBA  and in the 2018 Annual Meeting & Convention next spring. AAUWMI will pay for SAC members’ registrations to these events.


Students will benefit by having the opportunity to grow their leadership skills, make connections with student leaders and distinguished women throughout Michigan, be supported in pursuing their passions, influence the future direction of AAUWMI, and gain knowledge of the many AAUW opportunities for students.


AAUW uses their powerful voice to speak out on issues such as education, pay equity, civil rights, reproductive rights, affirmative action, and sex discrimination.  For more information on AAUW, see the website at  and specifically  For more information on AAUWMI, see


To apply for the AAUW Student Advisory Council, submit all items below to  by the application deadline of May 1, 2017. Students will be informed of the decision May 8.   Please put your last name and SAC Application in the subject line.  Please try to attach all documents to one email.


  • The application
  • A brief résumé
  • A letter of recommendation from a staff or faculty member at your college/university or someone from your local AAUW branch,
  • An essay, maximum of 600 words, telling us about yourself including the following:
  1. Your reason(s) for applying to become part of the AAUW Michigan SAC
  2. The skills and qualities that you possess that make you an excellent candidate for this position.
  3. A time you exhibited leadership (in school or elsewhere)
  4. The gender issue(s) that you are most passionate about and why
  5. What you hope to gain from serving on the SAC