AAUW Funds 2017 Update



Information received in the Fourth Quarter AAUW Funds Report indicated that branches and members in Michigan contributed $94,698.11 to the various funds in 2016. You may note that this is a little higher than the preliminary amount that was reported in the February e-news. Thanks again to members and branches for your generosity.

The shopping event at Soma and Chico’s and the Mall Walk at Somerset Mall raised $953.35 at the 2016 AAUW of Michigan State Convention. This money was donated to the Eleanor Roosevelt Fund. This year we have a River Walk planned at the 2017 State Convention in Port Huron to raise money for the Eleanor Roosevelt Fund. Thanks to everyone who participated in last year’s events. I look forward to your participation in this year’s event.

This past year, AAUW of Michigan started a fundraising campaign to raise funds to be used in Michigan for the Student Advisory Council (SAC), NCCWSL, Speech Trek, Public Policy Advocacy, Leadership in Action (the AAUWMI Fall Leadership Conference and the State Convention) and a General Fund that will be used to fund the above areas as needed. The AAUW of Michigan Board of Directors would like to thank branches and members who have contributed to these funds and hope you will continue your generosity in the future. A silent auction at the State Convention is planned as part of this fundraising campaign with the funds being used for programs in Michigan.

I will see you in Port Huron in June. Put on your walking shoes and be ready to have some fun bidding on items.

Sharon Dunn

Funds Director AAUW of Michigan


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